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Bring your treasures!

Dr. Lori stars on the History channel’s #1 hit TV show The Curse of Oak Island. Dr. Lori has been featured on Discovery channel’s Auction Kings, FOX Business Network’s Strange Inheritance, NBC’s The Tonight Show, and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show for her vast knowledge and wildly funny no-holds-barred approach. Home Shows visitors have the opportunity to bring an antique or treasure to be identified and valued for free as part of Dr. Lori’s one-of-a-kind, entertaining event. Or, just come and watch to see what antiques everyone brings to her shows. Dr. Lori never knows what kind of old stuff her audiences will bring her next and she leaves them howling for more. Dr. Lori will tell you about your treasure’s unique history using her education and museum experience like no other. Every show is different and totally unscripted. There is no waiting or standing in line.

Dr. Lori will pull no punches as she evaluates your stuff as she makes you laugh. “I’ll break some hearts, I’ll make some millionaires” says Dr. Lori. As she entertains, Dr. Lori will provide tips on how to sell your unwanted stuff for top dollar, learn the secrets of auctions, negotiate to find bargains, and why you should NOT host a yard sale! This is why Anderson Cooper, the TODAY show, and Inside Edition all ask Dr. Lori.

Dr. Lori always had a love of history thru objects. The youngest of three daughters, Dr. Lori was affectionately known in her family as her father’s “son”. As a youngster, she enjoyed going fishing with her Dad, watching baseball games, and hunting flea markets and yard sales for antiques that would end up in her #1 favorite spot—her Dad’s garage. She now cherishes those memories as her father died from Alzheimer’s disease. Living through the Great Depression and World War II, Dr. Lori’s parents instilled their belief in education and their appreciation for the value of old objects. They encouraged Dr. Lori to follow her interests in the field. Thus, Dr. Lori earned several academic degrees in history including the Ph.D. from Penn State University.

After years teaching in university classrooms and working as a museum director, Dr. Lori was inspired to start appraising antiques after an unexpected encounter with a 75 year old woman. “This woman told me her story. She had recently sold an historic George Washington document for $50 that was worth $50,000! She said she needed the $50 to pay her electric bill. When I met her, I thought, this woman could be my mother—anyone could make that mistake.” Dr. Lori says, “That woman’s mistake inspired me to share my education and expertise. So, I do just that presenting over 150 antique appraisal shows and appraising 20,000 objects that audiences bring me to review every year.”

Dr. Lori is an award-winning TV personality. She shares insider information about antiques at www.DrLoriV.com and resides in Bucks County, PA.