Akron Home & Garden Show

For 25 years the Akron Home and Garden Show has featured an exposition where local homeowners can find the latest products and ideas for their next home and garden project.

Homeowners can look towards experts to help create their dream homes; home improvement experts to fix the wear and tear of a Northeast Ohio winter; landscapers to make their yards bloom and thrive; and want fantastic new ideas to update and upgrade the interior and exteriors of their beloved homes.

No matter what the day, the John S. Knight Center will transform to a wonderful oasis from the winter cold.

February 15–17, 2019

Friday 11:30AM–9PM
Saturday 9AM–9PM
Sunday 11:30AM–5PM

See the Top 10 Life-Changing Smart Products

Take Them for a Test Drive

Boyce Thompson will bring his Life-Changing Smart Products Exhibit that was created exclusively for the largest American home shows. Thompson, the author of three books, monitors crowd-funding campaigns, attends trade shows, and scours magazines and websites to find important new launches and prototypes. Boyce sets up an interactive exhibit that is sure to make you think outside of the box.

Learn about:

  • Living Large: How to Maximize Living Space at Home
  • How to Save $250 a Month Using Smart Home Products
  • The Home Robot Invasion